My heart, my love, my life

My heart, my love, my life

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ethiopia Here We Come!

We officially have travel dates and tickets! We leave October 3rd for Ethiopia with Kailyn and Austin. We will arrive in Addis on October 5th and have the opportunity to spend some time there with our children and their little sister. It is such a mix of emotions- I can't wait to see them and love them... To see their country and their people. But then I am saddened, that their sister will stay behind for awhile until she is also able to come home to Arkansas. We are all trusting in the Lord's timing... The waiting is hard.... To even write the dynamics of the way life has been and the changes that God has made- hmmmmmmm.... I don't know where to start. I don't think I can right now- but what I will say is that God's plans are so much better than even "our best thought out plans"- they aren't logical and rational to our human brains- but wow- I am so excited to see all that God is going to do through this process for our family, Jeremy, Elaine, Cody and Caleb (and soon to be a precious little girl) and for our community... it makes me laugh out loud- the craziness of it all. But- I can only say, that it is all God... and I praise Jesus for that.... I can't end with that though because it makes me think of Jared's cousin Mica and her husband Carrol. Mica has continually been my encourager through our adoption process. She and Carrol are hopefully soon going to be able to travel to bring Pedro home from Mexico- but this is their second time adopting... She has reminded me continually that this is God's and not mine- that He loves them more than Jared and I do and that He will provide. I remember a phone conversation several months ago where I was crying and almost hysterical because I could not understand how all of this was going to work, where the money would come from- our house was too small, our car wasn't big enough.... you name it, it wasn't going to work.... she was so calm and reminded me over and over of the truth of God's faithfulness and how He had been faithful in providing to bring Josie home and was providing to bring Pedro home and that He would do the same for Muluken and Gifte.... Mica and many of our other friends have been anchors to my soul through this time. When I would get lost for a bit in the storm, they were there to be His hands and feet to pull me back to the safety of what is true. So- to Mica- thank you for sharing your story, your journey, your heart, your love and your faith with me- it has made walking this road even more amazing... We love you and are praying for you all..... To every other friend, family member and brother and sister in Christ (if I started naming I would accidentally leave people off)- thank you for loving us and serving Jesus by being so willing to serve us through this process with all the fundraisers, support and prayers. We could never have made it to this place without the willing hearts and hands of His people. I not only stand back amazed at what an awesome God we serve, but also at what can be accomplished when His people come together for a common purpose- May he richly bless each of you! May God alone receive all the glory!
Mica and Carrol sharing their adoption journey at our spaghetti dinner-
Mica talking to Josie- her Guatemalan princess :-)

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mica said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I love the new blog too. It is my greatest joy to watch people I love bring home 2 more of God's babies! cannot wait to see what GOd does through ya'll after this is all said and done, Africa and back home.