My heart, my love, my life

My heart, my love, my life

Monday, August 17, 2009

4 More Days Until Our Court Day!!!

So we originally thought that our court date was the 19th, but it is actually August 20th.... Today is Monday and I spent the day running around getting ready for our widow's home project this Saturday. We are so excited to bless Ms. Ann Bearden and hopefully in the process receive what we need to bring our children home. We are going to be doing so much work around her house with all our volunteers. I am excited to see the finished product... she is the sweetest woman and is so deserving! Also, if we pass court on Thursday, we will travel about 5 weeks later to bring them home!!!! Yeah!!!!

This has been the craziest summer, and I realized today that I haven't written in a really long time but there is not way to fill in all the amazing blanks since the last time I wrote. God has provided in the most amazing ways and we (Jared and I) are learning so many lessons, things that I wish that we had learned earlier, but God is gracious and gives us time to learn our lessons.

We are right at the beginning of Austin's football season, which is always exciting because it means that college football is right around the corner- Go Hogs!!!! Kailyn is going to play soccer again, and Tristyn and Brityn will be the sideline cheerleaders with Jared and I :-) Tristyn will be 5 next week- which is sad because I wonder where all the time goes... but she is precious and looking forward to a pair of rollerblades for her birthday.... oh, the simple things in life.... We continue to pray for wisdom and God's provision- I am excited for fall and our growing family! I desire to do better about updating our blog- I need someone to help me make it look cute, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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