My heart, my love, my life

My heart, my love, my life

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All powerful...

How easily I forgot the power of our Creator... The love he has lavished upon us.... Friday I sat on the phone with a dear friend and cried- how on earth is this all going to work out. The storms that were raging in the sky that afternoon were a reflection of what was in my heart. Confusion and anxiety- things that do not come from God.... Yet I allowed them to sit there- to wrap themselves around me. I failed to take my thoughts captive to Christ, to lean on Him and to know that He is all powerful and all-knowing. Even after the encouragement I received, I wallowed in it. Sunday was a hard day, Austin left for Seattle for a month.... But that night, God showed up in the largest way at Sunday Night Dinner. We had a large crowd- but one stood out... A young man who we have prayed for many times- his sister is a regular at our home.... A sister in Christ, but a baby sister in our hearts and most definetly a "Yacy" to our children. She has been praying for him for years, he came to Jesus.... :-) Showed up at our crazy home and we got to love on him, pray for him and to see his heart and the freedom that God has given him. Only Jesus can do that!!! His heart for the Lord and his thankfulness for what he has done- reminded me that we too, are supposed to be the same way. To never lose our zeal for Christ. I remember when I became a believer, he so radically transformed my life, that many in my past weren't sure who I was anymore :-) It's a God thing- what else can you say? But over the years- I have laid much of that zeal down, struggled to trust and to believe- which then causes me to struggle to obey. Lord forgive me for my unbelief.

This afternoon- we received a phone call in response to an email I had sent requesting info on a ministry called Both Hands.... If you have a moment- please look it up (when I become computer savy, I will try to put a link up). I was so excited about the opportunity to work with this ministry to help us and others like us to fund our adoptions but also to reach out to widows who need help with their homes and projects that they are unable to pay for or complete by themselves. The mission is amazing and we are excited to begin the process. Helping with both hands, being the hands and feet of Jesus in more ways than one and getting others involved in serving. What better way to remember how powerful God is, how great his love is and to give that to others.

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